[AWS] Twitter Analysis ~Part2: Create IAM role for Kinesis Data Firehose~

In this article, I would like to introduce how to create IAM role for Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose. By using Kinesis Data Firehose, Twitter data can be loaded to your environment.
Let me share the architecture as below.
S3 Bucket Creation
Before creating Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose, S3 bucket needs to be prepared. Please create raw, entities and sentiment bucket by referring to my previous article or other document.
IAM role creation
Before creating Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose, you need to define the role for it.
Please open IAM console, first.
You can see IAM dashboard as below. Please click Roles in the left pane.
And, click Create role button.
Select Kinesis as use case.
Then, select Kinesis Firehose and click Next: Permissions.
Next, click Create Policy button.
Click JSON tab.
You can see policy setting in JSON format. And describe your S3 bucket name in the Resource section.
Click Next: Review button.
Finally, input your policy name and click Create policy button.
IAM role policy for Amazon Kinesis Firehose is created successfully !!
That’s all for this article. In my next article, I would like to explain how to create Amazon Kinesis Firehose service. Let’s have a fun !!


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