[AWS] Twitter Analysis ~Part1: Create Twitter account for Developer~

In this series, I would like to introduce how to create twitter analysis and notification function by utilizing AWS services. Let me explain how to develop it as below architecture.
Create Twitter account for Developer
Firstly, please create twitter account for developer. By using this account, you can execute twitter API by your application.
Access Twitter account register page.
Click Sign up button and sign in by your twitter account.
And click Create an app button.
And, click Apply button.
Next, check the information and input required information as below.
Then, click Submit button after checking the Developer agreement & policy.
After submitting the button, email for verification will be sent immediately.
Then, check your email. You received an email from Twitter and click Confirm your email button.
Check your information and click Next button.
You need to describe purpose to use Twitter API. Let me show you my usage purpose.
After reviewing your input information, click Next button.
Finally, reading Developer agreement & policy, click Submit button.
You can see Twitter API information as below and you can use Twitter API free as long as your usage is limited to below condition.
Next step is decide the name of your Application’s name.
You can see API Key, API Key Secret and Bearer Token as below.
By designating below information to your application, you can use Twitter API according to your requirement.

That’s all for this article. From next article, I would like to explain how to create AWS resources. Let’s have a fun !!


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