[AWS] Twitter Analysis ~Part11: Notification by Amazon SNS~


In part 11 and 12 sections, I would like to explain how to receive notification and tweet contents by Amazon SNS when negative tweet is generated.
Firstly, define Amazon SNS topic and subscription to send notification.
Let me show you the scope of this section as below.

Define Amazon SNS topic and subscription
Firstly, open SNS console.

And write down Topic name and click Next step.

And select type of SNS topic.
In my case, I selected Standard type because notification needs to be sent by Email.
If you want to use SQS service, you had better choose FIFO type.

And, click Create topic button.

After creating topic, click Create subscription button.

And select Protocol.
I chose Email and write down email to Endpoint.
Then, click Create subscription button.

After subscription is created, you will receive an email from Amazon SNS as below.
To activate the subscription, click Confirm subscription link.

Then, the Subscription will be confirmed and activated.

That’s all for this topic. This SNS topic and subscription will be designated in Lambda function explained in the next article. I would be glad if you could continue reading it !!


Basically, I followed the procedure provided by AWS webpage. Please refer to below URL if necessary, though it is written in Japanese…
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