[AWS] Twitter Analysis ~Part4: Apply Secrets Manager~

In part 4 section, I would like to explain how to apply Secrets Manager. It makes easier to manage your Key information for Twitter API access. Although it is not mandatory setting, I recommend you to implement this function.
Let me show you the scope of this section as below.
Store your secret key information to Secrets Manager
Firstly, move to Secrets Manager console.
You can see Get started screen if it is your first time to use.
And click Store a new secret button.

Select Secret type. In this case, please choose Other type of secret for your application.

Then register your secret information provided by Twitter Account for Developer. If you have not created it, please prepare for it in advance by referring to the previous chapter 1.
And, input Secret name as you like and click Next button.

And select Disable automatic rotation. You cannot rotate your credential because it is provided by Twitter account.

Review your new secret information.

Finally, click Store button.

OK, credential information for twitter access is registered successfully !!
That’s all for this topic. In my next article, let me show you how to create EC2 instance by applying CloudFormation. I would be glad if you continue reading it.


Basically, I followed the procedure provided by AWS webpage. Please refer to below URL if necessary, though it is written in Japanese…
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