[AWS] Twitter Analysis ~Part6: Create EC2 instance by applying Cloud9~

In part 6 section, I would like to explain how to create EC2 instance by applying Cloud9. Cloud9 is an integrated development environment. You can write codes easily by using Cloud9.
EC2 creation by Cloud9
Open Cloud9 console, first.
And, click Create environment button.

You can change configure settings here. But I do not change setting from default in this time.

And, select VPC that you’ve created in the previous article.
And, select Next step button.

After reviewing it, click Create environment button.

It takes a few minutes to create EC2 intsance.

After creating it, move to EC2 instance console and select it.
You need to attach an role to this EC2 instance to transfer data to S3 bucket.

Click Actions > Security > Modify IAM role

And select IAM role that is already created it in the previous part.

That’s all for this chapter. EC2 instance is already created successfully !! In the next article, please let me explain how to create an application deployed in the EC2 instance.
I hope you enjoy it !!


Basically, I followed the procedure provided by AWS webpage. Please refer to below URL if necessary, though it is written in Japanese…
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