Habits for Engineers !! Tips for living a happy life


I made a list of life habits that I value as an engineer. I hope that there is at least one habit that will be useful to everyone, so I would appreciate it if you could take a quick look.

Life Habits

  • Try to say out loud that you are happy. By saying that, you can be truly happy.
  • Try to feel happy even if it’s a small thing.  e.g.) Food is delicious, the wind feels good, etc.
  • Try to think positively and behave cheerfully. If you do that, your brain will misunderstand and you will really enjoy it.
  • Stop worrying about past failures and worrying about the future, and focus on today.
  • Live a regular life. Wake up early and do important things in the morning while your brain is fresh.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others and appreciate yourself. It’s important to compare yourself to who you were yesterday and accumulate small successes.
  • Everything has good and bad sides, so focus on the good side and don’t complain.
  • Focus on finding the good aspect in people instead of judging them.
  • Continue to record what you have learned and noticed, and make it your own by reviewing it regularly.
  • Set aside time to meditate during the lunch break. Concentrate repeatedly in your mind that you are happy and lucky.
  • Don’t get caught up in trying to avoid embarrassment. Be grateful for the opportunity to be embarrassed.
  • Be prepared to tell your children what you have learned in life.

Family customs

  • Value the happy time you can spend with your family.
  • Set aside time to talk with your family and deepen your bond.
  • Make time to plan fun times with your family.

Health habits

  • Make sure you get enough sleep under any circumstances. (Basic 7 hours, minimum 6 hours)
  • Make it a habit to take a walk from 5:00 in the morning, and walk 10,000 steps a day.
  • Do some muscle training before going to bed.
  • To eat less for your health, chew 30 times once in your mouth. Get on the scale every day.

Work habits

  • Try to increase the amount of work that you find enjoyable.
  • Let’s continue self-improvement, not just the work in front of us.
  • Increasing output power leads to results. Always practice explaining to yourself.
  • Practice speaking well. Be aware of belly breathing.
  • On the way home, review your work every day and record points for improvement and good points. Write down the details in your notebook so you can refer back to them later. However, you had better avoid it on days when you are deeply depressed.
  • When you have an opportunity to give a presentation in front of an audience, take a video of yourself speaking and try to find your improvement points before the actual presentation.
  • Improve your ability to think by making a habit of repeatedly asking why.
  • 2 hours/day of study time on weekdays and 5 hours/day of weekends.


Let me share the books that changed my mind as below.

1. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie

2. How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie