Technical Word List of Storage

Abbreviation for Storage Area Network. SAN is a network that connects storage devices, tape libraries, and servers. It is a different from LAN, and while LAN uses TCP/IP, SAN uses another protocol called Fiber Channel protocol.
An obvious advantage of SAN implementation is the reduction of management and operation costs through storage integration.

Abbreviation for Host Bus Adapter. It is an adapter for connecting a server to storage. It processes protocol conversion, flow control, and interface conversion. And it enables data transfer without a load on the server’s CPU. SFP module is installed on this HBA.

SFP Module
It is an expansion module that converts electronic signals into optical signals. This module is attached to the FC switch, in general. It’s a cheap module that costs less than 10,000 yen. So if an FC network-related error occurs, it can be easily replaced as a preventative measure. By the way, SFP is an abbreviation for Small Form-factor Pluggable, but it’s a name that’s hard to understand intuitively…

Fabric network
It is one of SAN network configuration. FC switches and nodes are arranged in a star pattern. it is a general SAN network configuration because of following two reasons. Since each node can occupy bandwidth, high-speed data transfer can be achieved regardless of the number of nodes. And it has high availability at the time of node incidents.

An abbreviation for World Wide Name. It is an unchangeable address assigned to hardware such as FC switches and HBAs. It’s easier to understand if you think of it like a MAC address.

Abbreviation for World Wide Port Number. A number that identifies the Fiber Channel of storage. You had better to keep this information in mind because it may be included in the error message when a an incident occurs and it may lead to the cause of it.