[Book] Introduction of “You became a manager” by Sasaki Tsuneo

First of all
This is a Japanese business book, “You became a manager”
Let me summarize it and write down what I feel by reading this book.
Trigger to read “You became a manager”
    In Japan, It is generally said that a business man needs to work as if you are assigned as an upper position to improve your ability.  I am working as a one level lower position of manager but I couldn’t understand the manager’s behavior by only working as it it. So I decided to read this famous book to find out manager’s behavior.
What you can get from this book
    In my parents’ generation, a promotion is everything for business person and everyone worked so hard to be a manager for their career first step.  However, this tendency has been changed dramatically. This means many people in my generations do not want to be a manager because there are many disadvantages to be a manager , heavy responsibility, long working hours, no overtime pay. I was not interested in becoming manager either. But, I recognized that there are some advantages to be a manager. So It may be beneficial for business person who is concerning about becoming manager to read this book.
Profile of the author
 Mr. Sasaki Tsuneo was a member of board of director of Japanese Toray corporation.  And he became CEO of Economy research institute of Toray.  Many people think he is a symbol of work-life balance.  He was promoted to CEO by managing his working hours although he has an autistic child and wife with depression.
Important point
Have a big will with passion
No matter how high the ability of a manager is, the subordinates will not follow him if the manager does not have a big passion. The most important thing for a manager is tell big objectives and worthiness of the work to his subordinates.
Do not be a playing manager
One of the most important work for a manager is develop your subordinates. And it is ideal that only the subordinates can do their work by their own. Therefore, the manager should concentrate on subordinates growth and not to prevent their development by indicating their site work.
Family is important
We cannot make your family happy by working too much hours nowadays. However, you cannot say that the longer you spend time with family, the better it is. Bond between family will be deepened by sharing time with your family with deep love.
What I feel
  I guess most business man feel that it is a little difficult for you to have a passion because your current work does not accord with your will completely.  However, your growth will be stopped if you do not have a passion for your work.  So it is important to find out any passion or will to do your current work.
  We need to use our time for junior worker’s growth. He will understand our will if we have a deep passion for his growth.
  Have an opportunities to talk with our family often. We should go back to our home as early as possible and have a conversation.