[JP1] Function Overview

What is JP1?
JP1 is operation management product provided by Hitachi Corporation and it supports stable running of IT system. Since it is leading product in Japan, it will be useful for you to understand JP1’s overview function.
Function Overview
  1.  Intelligence
    – Integrated Management
    – IT Service Management
    – IT Operation Automation
  2. Integrated Management
    – Infrastructure Management
    – Performance Management
    – Network Management
  3. Intelligent Automation
    – Job Management
    – Backup Management
  4. Intelligent Governance
    – Resource Deployment Management
    – Security Management
1. Intelligence
1. Integrated Management
1.1 Integrated Operation (JP1/Integrated Management2 (JP1/IM2))
Integrate Data related to System, and analyze or utilize it in various perspective

1.2 Alarm Management (JP1/TELstaff AE Professional Edition (JP1/TELstaff))
Notify system incidents or problems immediately

2. IT Service Management
2.1 IT Process Management (JP1/Service Support (JP1/SS))
Take steps for system incident and inquiry in appropriate process effectively

3. IT Operation Automation
3.1 Operation Automation (JP1/Automatic Operation(JP1/AO))

Automate daily IT operation and prevent operation mistake or increase efficiency.
3.2 Operation Navigation (JP1/Navigation Platform(JP1/NP))
Visualize and share operation procedure
3.3 Visualize Work Process (JP1/IT Process Operations (JP1/ITPO) (for RPA))
Grasp Task operation time and Operation procedure

2. Intelligence Monitoring
1. Infrastructure Management
1.1 Operation Analysis Infrastructure (JP1/Operations Analytics (JP1/OA))
Manage and Operate IT infrastructure developed on virtual environment or cloud environment

2 Performance Management
2.1 System performance management (JP1/Performance Management (JP1/PFM))
Monitor system performance and contribute to system stability.

3. Network Management
3.1 Network Node Manager (JP1/Network Node Manager i (JP1/NNMi))
3.2 System Resource/Process Resource Management (JP1/SNMP System Observer (JP1/SSO))

Execute instant incident handling by central management of Network

3. Intelligent Automation
1. Job Management
1.1 Job Scheduler (JP1/Automatic Job Management System 3 (JP1/AJS3))
Automate various kinds of tasks and improve its efficiency
1.2 Client Task Automation (JP1/Client Process Automation (JP1/CPA))
Automate task execution on a client machine such as RPA process
1.3 File Transfer (JP1/Data Highway -Server (JP1/DH))
Transfer large file rapidly

2. Backup Management
2.1 Backup Management (JP1/VERITAS NBU/BE))
Save data by executing backup process

4. Intelligent Governance
1. Resource Deployment Management
1.1 Resource Deployment Management (JP1/IT Desktop Management 2 (JP1/ITDM2))
Manage IT Resource and protect from security risk

2. Security Management
2.1 Information Leakage prevention (JP1/秘文)
Utilize information securely by taking steps for Information leakage

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