Create IAM user for S3 bucket access

In this article, let me explain how to create IAM user for your S3 bucket access. You can share your data with external user easily with high security by creating IAM user.
How to create IAM policy for S3 access
Firstly, access IAM console from Management Console.

Select Policies.

Click Create Policy.

In the Visual editor tab, select S3 as Service.
Then, select appropriate Access level for S3, and Resources.

Set tags if necessary.

Input policy Name and Description.
Then, click Create policy.

You can see newly created IAM policy.

How to create IAM user for S3 access
Next, let’s create IAM user with IAM policy created in the previous procedure.
Click Users in the IAM console.

Click Add user.

Input User name.
Then, select Access type.
In this case, I selected Programmatic access.
By selecting Programmatic access, S3 access authentication with signature can be implemented.

Next select Attach existing policies directly.
And check the policy you’ve already created.

Input tags if necessary.

Review user setting and click Create user.

New IAM user is created successfully !!
Download csv file. Access Key ID and Secret access key are described in the csv file.
You need let external users know these ID and key.

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