[Domain] How to get free Domain

First of all

Let me introduce how to get free domain by using no-ip service. It is useful if you want to do testing with domain for free. Check it out !!

Get free domain
Firstly, access no-ip web site by below link.
And input unique domain name and click “Sign Up” button.

Then, input e-mail address and password. And click “Free Sign Up” button.
Next, click “Get started with Dynamic DNS” button.

Dashboard screen is displayed. And click “Active” button.

If you an see designated Domain name is displayed, it is succeed !!

Finally, execute ping command to this domain, just to be safe.

OK, the domain returned ping response.
Although this free domain should be avoided if you use it for your production development, it is very useful for your testing. I am glad if this tips will save your time.