[AWS] How to develop Redundant Web System ~Part4: Get Domain~

First of all

In my previous article, I’ve explained how to create ELB. However, it is not convenient for users to access your website by DNS name of ELB. In this article and next article, let me explain how to access your website by Domain name. Firstly, please get domain if you do not have it. I would like to introduce how to get free domain by Freenom service.

System Requirement
  • Web site can be accessed on the Internet with FQDN
  • Redundant server configuration for incident recovery
  • Manual switchover at the time of an incident.
  • Can develop additional servers if the web access is increased
System Configuration

System Configuration diagram is as below. Public Users access EC2 instance through ELB, Elastic Load Balancer. And static contents are provided by S3 through CloudFront.

Get free Domain

You can get free domain by Freenom service. If you want to use it for your testing, free domain is enough. Please aceess below web site.

And, input domain name you want to create, and click “Check Availability”.

If the domain is not used by other people, “Yes {Your Domain name} is available!” comment will be displayed. Then, click “Checkout”.

And, click “Continue” button.

Next, Enter your email address and click “Verify My Email Address”.

Verification link will be sent to your email address.

Then, please check e-mail and click link.

Then, input your detail information in the link. And click “Complete Order”.

After completion, “Order Confirmation” screen will be displayed as below and you can use new domain !!


This is the end of part3. It is very easy to get new domain. If you do not want to pay for domain, please use free site such as Freenom and etc. In my next article, let me explain how to access your ELB by domain name.

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