[Azure] Migration from AppGW v1 to v2 ~Part2: Migration~

First of all

In my last article, I’ve created AppGW v1. In this article, let’s create AppGW v2 by migration tool provided by Microsoft.

AppGW v2 resource will be created as new resource. AppGWv1 will be remained as it is. Therefore, you need to change access route from users by changing DNS record.
Migration from v1 to v2
Firstly, open Azure Cloud shell.
Then, import Az module and check if it is installed successfully as below. Az module is powershell module to manipulate Azure resources.
Before executing migration tool, I created new subnet for AppGW v2.
AppGWv2 needs to be created in the subnet different from AppGWv1′ subnet.
If peering setting is set to your subnet, migration tool cannot be executed. You need to create new subnet in advance.
After subnet creation, please check if it is created successfully as below.

If “ProvisioningState” is “Succeeded”, there is no problem.
Next, please install migration tool by executing “Install-Script” command.

Then, execute installed tool, AzureAppGWMigration.ps1 with arguments as below.

After 6 or 7 minutes, AppGWv2 resource and Public IP resource for AppGWv2 will be created.

Please check if there are AppGWv2 and Public IP resources in the Management console.
OK, AppGWv2 was created successfully !!
This is the end of Migration from AppGW v1 to v2. Please change DNS setting to receive request by AppGW v2. In my environment, AppGWv2 is running very stably. If you are considering the migration, I would recommend you to do it.