Linux ~Group and User~

Manage group and user
1. useradd [User name]
Create new user.

-c [Comment] : input comment
-g [Group name] : designate primary group
-d [Home directory] : designate home directory
-u [User ID number] : designate user ID number.
2. usermod [User name]
Modify user account.

-c [Comment] : input comment
-g [Group name] : designate primary group
-l [User name] : Change existing user name
-u [User ID number] : change user ID number.
3. userdel [User name]
Delete user account.

-r : Delete home directory
4. groupadd [Group name]
Create new group

-g [group ID number] : Input group ID number
5. groupmod [Group name]
Change new group

-n : Change existing group name
-g  : Change existing group ID number
6. groupdel [Group name]
Delete existing group

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