Linux ~Basic Knowledge of Linux~

First of all

I am IT infrastructure engineer and develop/operate Linux machine. In this series, I would like to share basic knowledge for linux. Let me start from what is Linux.

What is Linux
Kernel and Userland
Kernel and Userland are basic software of Linux.Kernel

Kernel is core part of operating system and it has functions to communicate with Hardware.

Userland is out of kernel part. It indicates software controlling file system, file operation, shell and so on.

Linux is operated by command, and there are various kinds of commands. In linux, interactive command input environment, shell, is prepared and it understands input command and execute it.

Shell has mainly two functions. First function is receiving command input. Second function is executing shell script.
Initially, Linux installation was so difficult and only skillful user can use linux. To solve this issue, various institutes gather necessary programs to use linux, and make it easy to install linux by very simple and easy way. This is the beginning of Linux Distribution. Nowadays, Linux has been released continuously by Red Hat, Debian Project, Canonical and so on.

In this article, I described basic information of linux. From next article, let me describe detail topic about linux.

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