[AWS] How to set alert for budgets

I think you may have experiences that the cost becomes expensive unexpectedly.
To avoid this kind of concern, let’s set an alarm for your budget.
How to set alert for budgets
Firstly, open billing console in the AWS management console.
You can see your current billing in the Spend Summary section.
To set alarm, click Budgets in the left pane.

Then, click Create a budget.

Next, choose budget type as you like.
I chose Cost budget according to AWS recommendation and click Next.

Then, set budget amount.
I input just one dollar in the Enter your budgeted amount ($) section.

And, input budget name as you like.

Next, Add an alert threshold.

Set alert threshold.
I set 80% as threshold and set my email address for notification.

Then, click Next.

After reviewing your setting, click Create budget.

Finally, you can see your budget alert is created successfully.
You can avoid unexpected expenditure for AWS resources in the future !!

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