[Java] How to install Tomcat in Eclipse

How to install Tomcat
Firstly, I created Dynamic web project in eclipse.
Input Project name as you like and click “Finish”.

Dynamic web project is created successfully.

And, click “Server” tab in the eclipse window.
Then, click “No servers are available. Click this link to create a new server.

Next, select Tomcat server. I selected latest version, 10.0 and click “next“.

Then, click “Download and Install…” button.

Click Finish button.

Next, Add your project from Available to Configured.
Then, click Finish button.

OK. Tomcat installation and setting are completed !!
apache-tomcat-10.0.6 icon is displayed.

But the tomcat component is not started. Let’s start tomcat server by running your application on the server.

And click Finish button.

I think your tomcat server can be started successfully.
Since I didn’t set any HTML page on my application, HTTP status 404 page is displayed.

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